About CSP

In The Beginning... CSP Focused On Single Serving Packets

In 1997, CSP focused on single serve delivery systems, packaging solely vitamin/ supplement packets with multi-product fill. We quickly grew from one 3up Omag V/F/F/S line capable of 3 million packets per month to 3 Omag lines capable of 10 million packets per month. With this explosive growth, a commitment to a new facility was made in 1999. The design was driven by our desire to acquire a FDA registration of drug establishment and receive a labeler code assignment for the packaging of OTC products. This aggressive program was completed in June 2001.

DL Tech Bottling - Dual Purpose Feed Design Introduced

Given the world events and a decline in our customers' base sales, we restructured our products and services. Our first addition was a new DL Tech bottling line with a dual purpose feed design. This investment allowed CSP to operate seven days a week and expand our customer base locally in Boise, ID.

Innovative Products Begin With Stick Packs

With the addition of some new ownership in 2002 and a desire to grow the business, we offered a package that would allow us to provide innovative products to our customers and prospective clients. The design...STICK PACKS. We acquired two single lane machines and showed our customer base this new package, nine months later; we acquired more single lane stick pack machines.

In Fall 2005 our efforts to expand our business from the natural products and supplement industry, we ordered an eight up Duma stick machine with output capability of supporting mainstream food and drink products. Our second Duma stick machine was ordered by the end of 2006. This ten up Duma has enabled CSP to offer semi-automated down stream capabilities that are adjustable for various pack out options. In 2009 we added to our multi-lane stick pack fleet with an acquisition of a third 10 up machine with tooling for sugar stick packs and small target fill weights.

New Dual Dose Capabilities

New for 2010 CSP continues down our innovative path and offers dual dosing applications for the OTC (over the counter) fill requirements.

CSP continues to be ahead of the curve in flexible packaging and single serve packaging technologies offering innovation in dosing capabilities and delivery systems that are required for you to stay competitive the ever changing world of packaging.