Secondary Packaging

Shrink Wrap - Bundling - Canister Packaging

Secondary Packaging

Secondary Packaging

Contract Supplement Packaging can provide you with a quote on bulk single serve flexible pouches or a finished good that is directly put on a retail shelf. Secondary packaging is taking the single serve unit and filling a desired count into a retail consumer box, bag, or canister. Contract Supplement Packaging has semi-automated and automated options to get your brand ready for the store shelf.

Cartoning - number of units per paperboard box, bag, canister

Over Wrap Options for Paper Board Boxes

  • Shrink Wrap
  • Bi-fold Wrap

Tape Seal - used for auto bottom tuck top paperboard boxes secure the box closed

Shrink Band Bundling

Most retail Distribution Centers are requiring bundling of the paperboard boxes to get from the Distribution Center to the individual stores, shrink band bundling is a low cost way to achieve this without an access of packaging materials.